Robbinsdale Area Schools

School Bus Safety

School Bus Safety

Riding the bus is a privilege and it is so important that our students are well behaved when riding the bus so as to not distract the bus driver from the safety of the road.  Please take a few minutes to review the rules when riding the bus with your child.

Rules on the Bus:

  • Show respect for the driver, students, their belongings and refrain from doing anything which is unsafe, dangerous or disrespectful.

  • Follow the directions of the driver.

  • Sit in the seat, facing forward.

  • Talk quietly–Level 2 voice (restaurant level) and use appropriate language.

  • Keep all parts of the body inside the bus.  No hanging arms or heads outside the bus window.

  • Keep your belongings to yourself.

  • Do not fight, harass, intimidate or horseplay with others.

  • Do not throw objects.

  • Do not eat or drink on the bus.

  • Do not damage the bus.

Misconduct on the bus may result in the suspension of ridership.