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RSI Competes at District Math Master's Competition

RSI Competes at District Math Master's Competition

Earlier this month, twenty-six brave mathematicians traveled far (up the street to Sonnesyn) to compete against other Math Masters from across the Robbinsdale school district. The competition consisted of eight grueling rounds, and I'm pleased to report that an RSI student or team placed in two categories!** Liam competed on the district "All Stars Team" with students from two other schools.  Lots of pictures are attached below. 

Fast Facts: 

Eighth place: Nettie V.

Individual Problem solving:

Ninth place: Jon F.

Here was our roster of all the competitors: 

Equipo Azul

Sebastian B.
Wes J.
Sam L.
Brooklyn V.
Nettie V.

Equipo Verde

Violet B.
Brody S.
Leo B.
Ramona W.
Nora M.

Equipo Amarillo

Morgan K.
Jon F.
Markell B-S
Joshua E.
Callum H.

Equipo Anaranjado

Yaretzi C. H.
Carson B.
Harrison S.
Colin S.
Lainey S.

Equipo Rojo

Caden N.
Jack E.
Noah E.
Kildyn S.
Jyus O.


Liam H.**
Annika O.*