Robbinsdale Area Schools

This week Grades 3-4 take Math MCAs and Gr. 5 MCA Science

This week Grades 3-4 take Math MCAs and Gr. 5 MCA Science

RSI Grade 3-5 students have completed the reading MCAs. This week our 3rd, 4th graders will be taking the Math MCAs and 5th grade students will be taking the Science MCA test. Please find the schedule below.

  • April 23, 24, 25: Math- Grades 3, 4 

  • April 23, 24, 25: Science-Grade 5 Only 

  • April 30th & May 1st- Math- Grade 5 only

Each student is asked to follow all state and district policies for test administration. As part of a culture of academic integrity, we would like to remind families and students of the importance of test security. Students are expected to keep test content secure, and act with honesty and integrity during test administration.

All students are expected to follow the directions given for district and state assessments. When taking these assessments, students should do their own best work to show what they know and can do. 

  • Students should not accept help finding answers to test items. 

  • Students should not give answers to other students. 

  • Students should not tell others what is on the test. 

  • There may be consequences if students do not follow directions or if they behave dishonestly.