Robbinsdale Area Schools

! Bienvenida Ms. Minaida Tanda!


Ms. Minaida is joining us as Audrey Wingren has moved to Sandburg Middle School. Welcome Ms. Minaida! Please help us give Ms. Minaida a warm RSI welcome.

Hello there, my name is Minaida Tanda, and I am the School Climate & Cultural Specialist here at Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion.  A few of my roles within the school will be but not limited to; students groups, student leadership groups, mentoring/tutoring(selected schools), service learning, experiential learning, etc.; college awareness/readiness, classroom visits (literacy circles, book clubs, co-teaching). The purpose of the Achievement & Integration for Minnesota program is to pursue racial and economic integration, increase student achievement, create equitable education opportunities, and reduce academic disparities based on the students' diverse racial, ethnic, and economic background in Minnesota public schools as directed by 2018 Minnesota Statute 124D.861 ACHIEVEMENT AND INTEGRATION FOR MINNESOTA.