Robbinsdale Area Schools

School Board Receives Report on Citizens’ Petition


After a seven month long review of the School District books, records, accounts, and other affairs involving the District, we would like to thank the Office of the State Auditor for their report and allowing us, the School Board, to review the report and ask questions.

The School Board was confident going into this process that the Office of the State Auditor would find that the District, its Directors, and employees were acting in the best interests of our students, families, and taxpayers. Our confidence was borne out today.

The report’s conclusion was that there were no financial improprieties or violations of law on the part of any School Board member, the Superintendent, or employee of the District. Additionally, there were no conflicts of interest. The end result of the report is that the Office of the State Auditor made some technical recommendations regarding processes the School Board will address, many of which are already being implemented.

The School Board will discuss the circumstances that led to the filing of the petition, the cost of this process, and its impact on staff and the community, at the next work session which will be Monday, June 22nd, if approved later in this meeting, and move forward with confidence that Robbinsdale Area Schools is a place for ALL learners to come to be inspired and develop their unique potential and positively contribute to their community through our shared vision, goals, and values.

Thank you to Ms. Blaha and your team.