Strategy Instruction for Reading Comprehension

Strategy Instruction

During English Instruction, one of the areas that we work hard at is Reading Comprehension.  Teachers will model what a good reader does when completing a reading comprehension exercise.  We discussed four strategies that the children must use throughout the year when completing a reading comprehension exercise. 

The strategies are:

1)         Rereading the text

2)         Process of elimination

3)         Thinking and Asking: Does it make sense?

4)         Prove it! (Find the answer in the text.)

When completing any reading comprehension exercise, please have your third grader use these strategies.  Remember that you may use one or all four in completing an exercise.  


This year has been the implementation of a brand new reading curriculum for both English and Spanish.  This means that we have been working hard to figure out how best to accomplish the delivery of instruction in two languages; we can’t do everything in both.  Therefore, we are learning as we go how to best accomplish this “juggling act.”  We have made many adjustments already this year, and are feeling very confident that over time, having a consistent curriculum between grade levels, and between languages, is going to be a big plus for us as an immersion program.

Currently, one challenge we’re trying to sort out with this new curriculum is the assessment piece.  As is customary with a brand new curriculum, we expect tests scores/averages to be slightly lower than previous years as students become accustomed to a new format.  Also, our new curriculum encompasses not only reading comprehension skills and vocabulary, but also assesses students on listening comprehension, grammar, and spelling.  We teach all the pieces of the curriculum, but not in each language; we must make choices.  Therefore, at times (such as our unit tests) students are tested on grammar in English that they learned in Spanish.  Some skills are transferrable, but not all students will “master” that transfer or that skill.  That is okay; our major focus is on reading comprehension in both languages.  Our Spanish reading block also includes, at times, content area reading in Social Studies.  Therefore, at this point Spanish test scores are a bit lower than prior years; that is okay.  Our goal as we move forward is to refine the assessments in Spanish to better reflect what we are really working on towards mastery in class.  This will take time and will not be completed this year. 

Kelley Farm Field Trip in June

Kelley Farms

Every year third graders travel to Elk River to visit a wonderful, historical farm called Kelley Farm.  It is an awesome, hands-on experience, one your child will surely remember for years.  We love our parent volunteers to join us too. This is a great website for you to preview with your child before we embark on this field trip.  In third grade we study communities in social studies, so this is a great way for us to learn about our local history and its changes, growth and vitality.

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